Concrete Takeoff Services

Concrete Takeoff

Why concrete takeoff outsourcing services are important? 

Concrete estimation is one of the major part of any and most construction projects, Owing to the fact that concrete is used to construct everything from the:

  • Foundations
  • Sidewalks
  • Planters
  • Parking lots
  • Entire skeleton and framework of a building

When bidding for construction projects, getting precise and detailed concrete takeoffs and concrete quantity estimation services is crucially important. 

The importance of an accurate and consistent estimate rises from the risks of an overblown inflated price due to faulty or over estimating and the risk factors of under estimating. Putting financial strains on the construction project and consequently on the constructing firm. Concrete takeoff outsourcing services use concrete takeoff and estimating software to generate a detailed and precise takeoff plan. 

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Breakdown of a detailed Concrete Takeoff:

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Mainly there are three important components which make up a thorough concrete takeoff:

  1. Labor
  2. Material
  3. Equipment

Precise concrete quantity estimation services are important as they work around and for getting the precise quantities of the above three components, as these components vary depending on the concrete structure and vary for slabs, footings etc. resulting in no single formula that encompasses entire construction of a project.  

A precise and accurate takeoff under our concrete estimating outsourcing services, requires structural drawings which might not always be available. 

Upkeep of Concrete

Conservation or upkeep of the concrete integrates common work results, concrete color additives, concrete schedules, concrete pigments and maintenance of: 

  • Precast Concrete
  • Resurfacing
  • Cleaning
  • Concrete Forming and Accessories
  • Cast-In-Place Concrete
  • Rehabilitation
  • Grouting
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Why should you use Concrete Estimating Outsourcing Services?

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If you hire in-house estimators, remember they come at a huge price tag and quality and reliability can’t be guaranteed with them either. So, why would you put an added financial burden on your company even when precise results are not guaranteed through an in-house estimator? In these scenarios, concrete contractors and sub-contractors require concrete estimating and takeoff services to ease the pressure of working onsite and the struggles that come with getting reliable and precise estimates for making a bid proposal. Legacy estimating is one of the best outsource takeoff and estimating company that guarantees to offer precise and dependable estimates and construction takeoff services for all concrete related project and jobs.

Legacy Estimating provides:

  • Concrete Reinforcement
  • Grouts Precast Concrete 
  • Concrete Cutting 
  • Mass Concrete
  • Concrete Framework
  • Cast-In-Place Concrete
  • Concrete Restoration
  • Cementations
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Concrete Takeoffs Services

Legacy Estimating concrete takeoff services include:

  • Driveways Takeoffs
  • Paving Takeoffs
  • Waterstop Takeoffs
  • Fireproofing Takeoffs
  • Basements Takeoffs
  • Concrete Repairs Takeoffs
  • Retaining Walls Takeoffs
  • Parking Lots Takeoffs
  • Stirrups Takeoffs
  • Dowels Takeoffs
  • Tie Beams Takeoffs
  • Columns Takeoffs
  • Visqueen Takeoffs
  • Sidewalks Takeoffs
  • Sheer Walls Takeoffs
  • Formworks Takeoffs
  • Knockouts Takeoffs
  • Anchors Takeoffs
  • Foundations-Concrete Takeoffs
  • Cast in Place Takeoffs
  • Grading Takeoffs
  • Structural Rebar Takeoffs
  • Patios Takeoffs
  • Wire Mesh Takeoffs
  • Square Pilasters Takeoffs
  • Countertops Takeoffs
  • Slabs on Grade Takeoffs
  • Round Column Block Takeoffs
  • Lintel Bock Takeoffs
  • Curbs Takeoffs
  • Sill Block Takeoffs
  • Decks Takeoffs
  • Bond Beams Takeoffs
  • Reinforced Concrete Takeoffs
  • Lintels Takeoffs
  • Headers Takeoffs

Why should you use Concrete Estimating Outsourcing Services?

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Legacy Estimating quantifies various items through its takeoff services, including but not limited to:

  • Legacy Estimating concrete takeoff services include:
  • Dowels takeoffs
  • Structural Rebar takeoffs
  • Stirrups takeoffs
  • Bondbeams takeoffs
  • Round Column Block takeoffs
  • Tie Beams takeoffs
  • Lintel Bock takeoffs
  • Visqueen takeoffs
  • Anchors takeoffs
  • Sill Block takeoffs
  • Lintels takeoffs
  • Wire Mesh takeoffs
  • Square Pilasters takeoffs
  • Knockouts takeoffs
  • Headers takeoffs

Legacy Estimating provides:

We normally quantify these items in our takeoff services:

  • Tie Beams estimating services
  • Structural Rebar estimating services
  • Knockouts estimating services
  • Stirrups estimating services
  • Visqueen estimating services
  • Anchors estimating services
  • Wire Mesh estimating services
  • Dowels estimating services
  • Lintel Bock estimating services
  • Lintels estimating services
  • Bondbeams estimating services
  • Sill Block estimating services
  • Headers estimating services
  • Square Pilasters estimating services
  • Round Column Block estimating services

Get in touch with us today to get detailed and precise takeoffs for your next project!

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