Our Trades

Our Trades


Electrical Estimating

Electrical estimators at Legacy Estimating are experienced and professional experts, delivering custom, quick and precise Electrical Estimating Outsourcing Services for residential and commercial projects.

Electrical Takeoff

Legacy Estimations offers comprehensive and detailed custom Electrical Takeoff Outsourcing Services in the least possible turnaround time of 48 hours or less.


Mechanical Takeoff

At Legacy Estimating, we strive to provide a complete range of Mechanical Estimating Outsourcing Services along with detailed Mechanical Takeoff Outsourcing Services,

Mechanical Estimating

Legacy Estimating helps you close more deals and jobs by offering efficient, effective, and precise cost estimations / Mechanical Estimating Outsourcing Services.


Plumbing Estimating

Legacy Estimating offers specific and swift plumbing estimating outsourcing services for general contractors, plumbing, piping, mechanical, and insulation designers and contractors.

Plumbing Takeoff

Legacy estimating is your one-stop platform for all your Plumbing Takeoff Outsourcing Services. We completely understand that estimating any plumbing job can become one huge tedious task.


Drywall Estimating

Legacy Estimating is a leading engineering entity offering the best drywall estimating outsourcing services to general contractors, drywall contractors and subcontractors. There are many contributing factors to a perfect drywall job, like the drywall mud, repairs, installation costs, sheetrock quantities, and much more.

Drywall Takeoff

Are you looking for the best drywall takeoff outsourcing services and want to ditch the runtime surprises of over, off and underquoting on your bids? – Legacy estimating is your best bet, helping you get precise and detailed drywall estimates.


Masonry Estimating

Looking for the best masonry estimating outsourcing services, then Legacy Estimating is at your service. We have excelled in delivering timely and precise estimates worldwide with our diversified experience in the estimation and takeoff industry.

Masonry Takeoff

Are you on the lookout for the best and clear-cut masonry takeoff outsourcing services? Then look no further – Legacy Estimating is your best bet. With years of actual contractual work in the masonry industry, our experts are masters in making precise and detailed takeoffs for your next project.


Lumber Estimating

At Legacy Estimating, we have dedicated expert estimators for wood/lumber (woods and plastic) who have long-standing and proven expertise in the industry – working with general and sub-contractors worldwide.

Lumber Takeoff

Are you a lumber framer, contractor, or vendor looking for the best and trustworthy lumber takeoff outsourcing services? Legacy Estimating is here to help!


Metals Estimating

Legacy Estimating offers reasonably priced, precise, and on-time structural steel, rebar, and miscellaneous metal estimating outsourcing services (Structural and Miscellaneous) for a complete scope of construction projects.

Metals Takeoff

Metals takeoff outsourcing services are normally known as takeoff or material takeoffs (MTO), and these are an important part of the estimation process.


Concrete Estimating

Concrete is used in massive amounts in the construction industry, and it is one of the primary materials needed to construct a building, including civil works.

Concrete Takeoff

Concrete estimation is one of the major part of any and most construction projects, owing to the fact that concrete is used to construct everything.


Roofing Estimating

Are you looking for top and precise roofing estimating outsourcing services for your next roofing bid? If you want a detailed and precise roofing bid instantly, choose Legacy Estimating fast and cost-effective roofing takeoff outsourcing services.

Roofing Takeoff

Are you looking for top and precise roofing estimating outsourcing services for your next roofing bid? If you want a detailed and precise roofing bid instantly, choose Legacy Estimating fast and cost-effective roofing takeoff outsourcing services

Site Work

Site work Estimating

Landscaping contractors, site work contractors, general contractors, sub-contractors, and land developers seek our site work estimating outsourcing services for precise, detailed, and accurate site work estimates

Site Work Takeoff

Site Work Estimating Outsourcing Services refer to the total cost estimations that are needed to be made before the actual construction begins.


Insulation Estimating

Legacy Estimating offers you the most accurate, reliable, precise, and on-time insulation estimating outsourcing services to meet your bidding requirements smartly with deadlines beating the competition efficiently.

Insulation Takeoff

Legacy estimating offers detailed, precise and fast Insulation quantity estimation services in the shortest and quickest turnaround time with a promise of precision, quality and effectiveness.


Interior Estimating

Interior & exterior finishes estimating outsourcing services are an important part of any construction process or project. Accurate plaster, painting, stucco, specialized coating estimations are important for winning bids and precisely quoting a price to the client for contractors.

Interior Takeoff

Interior finishes, as well as exterior finishes, are one of the most important part in the construction of buildings. More often than not, these are the first aspects of a building anyone lays their eyes on – both inside and outside of the structure.


Flooring Estimating

Flooring estimations may cause inconvenient disruptions while a construction project is underway. For a hassle-free experience, hire flooring estimating outsourcing services from an industry specialist company like Legacy Estimating.

Flooring Takeoff Services

A concise flooring takeoff includes a list of floor material quantities – categorized according to the type of floor finishes needed for the project.


Painting Estimating

Painting estimating outsourcing services are always in demand for a commercial painting project in a focused and disciplined manner. At Legacy estimating, we house a team of experts to afford you qualitative painting takeoff outsourcing services

Painting Takeoff

As expert painting contractors, our expert estimators fully recognize and understand the importance of unique details required when in the process of putting a painting project together with accurate painting takeoff outsourcing services.


Demolition Estimating

Are you looking for a demolition cost estimate and don’t know where to turn to? Don’t worry; Legacy Estimating is here to help! Legacy Estimating offers the best around accurate demolition estimating outsourcing services.

Demolition Take-off

Legacy Estimating specializes in providing trusted, reliable, and accurate demolition take-off estimation services. Our service consists of offering clients information regarding the quantity of each material in construction needed to finish a job with finesse.