Masonry Takeoff Services

Masonry Takeoff

Masonry Takeoff Services

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Are you on the lookout for the best and clear-cut masonry takeoff outsourcing services? Then look no further – Legacy Estimating is your best bet. With years of actual contractual work in the masonry industry, our experts are masters in making precise and detailed takeoffs for your next project. We offer the best turnaround time of just 24-48 hours and deliver precise results that you can trust. We understand how competitive is the construction market and know how to play with the tight profit margins – choose us for your comprehensive takeoffs and masonry estimating outsourcing services!

What are our Masonry Takeoffs?

Our comprehensive masonry quantity estimation services comprise all construction materials under Division 04 of the CSI master format sheet. Everything from brickwork, face bricks, concrete CMU blocks, stone masonry, masonry flashing, plaster works, masonry restoration, and much more are a part of our quantity takeoff spreadsheets. 
What Else do we takeoff in Division 4 Masonry Trade?  

  • Glass unit masonry
  • Clay unit masonry
  • Architectural & glazed masonry
  • Cast stone
  • Limestone
  • Marble
  • Sandstone
  • Terra Cotta Masonry
  • Soapstone
  • Mortar and grout
  • Masonry Flashing
  • Masonry Anchorage
  • Masonry Insulation
  • Chimney brick Granite
  • Stucco work
  • Brick tuckpointing
  • brick wall tiles
  • Brick Veneer
  • Slate
  • Stonemasonry walls
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What Else Do We Offer?

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Legacy Estimating offers overall masonry takeoff outsourcing services, including stone, brick, marble, travertine, and many other architectural precast estimations. Furthermore, suppose you need our masonry estimating outsourcing services. In that case, you will get a complete and detailed CMU list that shall include overall estimations of the headers, knockouts, bound beams, halves, lintel block, angle block, round column block mortar, half-high, and sand. Additionally, to help you get a more precise quote, we offer precast lintel, precast sills, and steller estimations for particularized takeoffs.

Legacy Estimating Masonry Takeoff Services

Our masonry quantity estimation services and benefits include: 

    1. Detailed takeoff for material suppliers to make proposals and bids
    2. Takeoff for construction projects
    3. Use of electronic construction takeoff software
    4. Reduction of overhead costs for estimation departments
    5. Exportable files to EXCEL
    6. Colored markup plans for your easy review of varying takeoffs
    7. Our services enable you to save time and bid/win more competitive projects
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Projects we Deal in Masonry Takeoffs

Being in the industry for years as contractors and now as estimation service providers, we have worked with and served contractors across the world. Offering them comprehensive and precise estimates for masonry, home facades, chimneys, flooring, fireplaces, patios, combustion chambers, driveways, walls, sidewalks, columns, etc. for the following types of projects: 

  • Commercial for retail, offices, and warehouse projects
  • Public
  • Civil work
  • Industrial
  • Educational
  • Residential
  • Landscaping
  • Institutional
  • New Building Construction
  • Restoration/Repair
  • Building Renovation Work
  • Recreational – Parks

Are we good at what we do? 

Along with a team of expert estimators, we have licensed block masons with hands-on experience laying block and brick, unlike other estimating consultants who employ run-in-the-middle bean counters. 

Why should you outsource to Legacy Estimating?

To be precise, we are specialists in material estimating. Most importantly, we can save you tons of money – as by using our masonry takeoff and estimation services, you won't have to employ full-time estimators. Neither would you have to invest in expensive takeoff software. Many masonry and construction contractors are lured into buying expensive software by their estimator, and suddenly that estimator is no longer employed with the company – leaving you stuck with a piece of expensive estimating software that you don't know how to use. Consequently, with the dip in the construction industry and the state of the economy, why would you want to have another full-time employee on your payroll? Thus, outsourcing your masonry and construction takeoff/estimating work is perhaps the best, easiest, and most cost-effective thing you can do to your company's benefit. Additionally, you can certainly bid and win more projects with the estimating and takeoff work out of your way.

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Why Legacy Estimating Masonry Takeoff Services?

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We have a proven history of providing the best services and timely delivery with: 

  • Precise and comprehensive takeoffs with marked-up plans
  • Fastest turnaround times of 24-48 hours
  • Cost-effective and competitive takeoffs/estimates 
  • Takeoff and estimating bid win ratio of more than 90%
  • Huge saving for clients, as they save the expense of an in-house estimator 
    Expert bid consultation 
  • Certified Estimators with reliable accreditations 
  • Live chat and 24/7 customer support