Residential Material Takeoff Services

Residential Material
Takeoff Services

Residential Takeoff

Perfectly forecasting the cost of residential construction material take off is important for the success of any project and business. More often than not, one tiny mistake or oversight in residential takeoff estimations might result in the expenditure of thousands or millions of dollars more for a construction project. That is why Legacy Estimation is your crucial partner for residential construction takeoff services as we are experienced in every industry and offer you time and money-saving, accurate takeoffs, enabling you to bid on more residential projects and winning you bids more than ever before.

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Residential Takeoff Services

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Legacy Estimation has expertise in initial and pre-construction final takeoffs and offers you premium residential takeoff services for the material quantities for all kinds of residential buildings. Our team analyzes your projects' blueprints, data, scaling, and measuring quantities deeply. All of the required materials and their takeoff estimations will be presented in an excel spreadsheet, offering you a precise and better holistic overview of your project before you start construction.

Projects that We Do

We offer our material takeoff services for the following kinds of residential buildings;

  • Multi-Family Homes
  • Apartments 
  • Single Family Homes
  • Bungalows
  • Duplex/Triplex Houses
  • Cottages
  • Condominium 
  • Townhouses 
  • Mansions 
  • Semi-Detached houses

And much more!

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Residential construction material take off

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Legacy Estimation's takeoff includes all materials required to build a project precisely affording the blueprints. It will include costing and details of concrete, lumber, blocks, roofing, pipes, wires, flooring, and fixtures. It is incredibly important for a takeoff to be precise and accurate; it should encompass all-important construction specifications. For example, a takeoff will not only write "pipe" with a certain quantity written next to it. Through the project's blueprints and plans, the estimator will quantify the pipes based on diameter, material, and lengths. The same goes for lumber, quantifying each board based on dimensions, length, and the grades and species required by the plans. The expert estimators at Legacy Estimation will repeat this process for all the materials required.

How Do Estimators Work With a Blueprint?

Residential construction takeoff services are detailed and need a lot of planning to fetch precise and accurate takeoff estimations. While using a blueprint, the expert estimator identifies many materials by referencing the symbols used in the drawings. Usual items like windows, doors, and electrical outlets almost always use universal symbols, so these are particularly easy to identify.

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How do Takeoffs work?

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Measuring materials – as many different materials types are used in every residential construction project, a detailed takeoff will calculate the material quantities through different measures, such as unit, area, volume, or length. The measurement and takeoff of each material depend on the way it is normally sold. After establishing the types of materials and the quantities of each, putting some extra units to cover wastage in the takeoff cost lets estimators quantify precisely. By multiplying this unit of measurement with the current and accurate zip-code-based pricing, you will be presented with the actual total project cost of that material. Adding costs of all other materials will let them create a precise and accurate takeoff estimate for your project. Remember, the takeoff is only for materials, so it is only one step in the entire estimation process. The takeoffs won't include the labor, insurance, mobilization costs, or other overhead costs related to the project. The estimator caters to all these costs in the complete estimate – however, these are not included in a takeoff.

What Software do we use?

At Legacy Estimation, we have integrated construction software into our residential construction material take off services to precisely quantify your takeoff needs, and that too with a turnaround time of just 24 hours. We use PlanSwift, Knowify, Jonas Premier; most of these are cloud-based programs that are optimized to enable job-site integrations.

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How do Takeoffs work?

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  • Electrical Takeoff Services 
  • Mechanical Takeoff Services
  • Plumbing Takeoff Services
  • Drywall Takeoff Services
  • Masonry Takeoff Services 
  • Lumber Takeoff Services (Woods and Plastics)
  • Metals Takeoff Services (Structural and Miscellaneous)
  • Concrete Takeoff Services
  • Site Work Takeoff Services
  • Roofing Takeoff Services
  • Insulation Takeoff Services (Thermal/Moisture)
  • Interior & Exterior Finishes Takeoff Services
  • Flooring Takeoff Services
  • Painting Takeoff Services
  • Demolition Takeoff Services