Site work Estimating Services

Landscaping contractors, site work contractors, general contractors, sub-contractors, and land developers seek our site work estimating outsourcing services for precise, detailed, and accurate site work estimates. Including cut and fill takeoffs and 3D maps, all delivered to the clients within 24 to 48 hours.

With detailed and precise figures, enabling them to win more bids and cut on their overhead costing.


Site Work Estimating Outsourcing Services


At Legacy Estimating, a massive number of our clients are excavation contractors who have a busy and hectic schedule at their worksites – compelling them to outsource site work quantity estimation services to a cost-effective and reliable estimation company. 

The estimators both in-house and hired by these contractors are mostly busy filing bidding proposals and have much less time to precisely calculate and devise takeoff plans and markup of the projects. We have a team of dedicated site work estimators for civil works working on division 2 estimating services who have worked closely with site work contractors and have professional experience with commercial, public, and residential projects and project scopes. 

Deliverables for Site Work Quantity Estimating Services

  • Earth Volumes, quantities, and section
  • Surface Grading
  • Cut & fill visual 3D reports
  • Cut & Fill Takeoff list with takeoff summary
  • 3D mapping reports 
  • Reviewed bid documents
  • Landscaping estimate including soil volumes (Hardscape, Softscape & Irrigation)

What can we do for you? 

We offer:

  • Takeoff cut, Estimate, Fill quantities for your site development and construction projects 
  • Mass Haul Diagrams, reducing and diminishing soil and earth movement  
  • Conversion of topological data into Civil 3D
  • Offer 3D surface through surveying and GPS data points 

Excavation Estimating Services

  • Existing surface
  • Terrain model including Contours/Depth contours
  • Volume and area for land development, earthworks, and cut/fill
  • Cross-section along with longitudinal profiles 
  • End area and primordial method 

Site Work Takeoff Outsourcing Services and Estimating Portfolio

  1. Residential Site work
  2. Commercial Site work
  3. Industrial Site work

We believe each site work job and project is different and requires a unique approach. Our team of experts meticulously analyzes drawings and plans using the latest state-of-the-art software and technology in our site work takeoffs and estimations. 

Our site work takeoff outsourcing services involve the preparation of precise site work takeoffs of materials and labor, including man-hours, etc. 

All other important factors, such as the construction equipment, logistics, insurance, permits, safety, contingencies, etc., are considered through our site work estimation services. 

In this day and age of economic challenges, hiring an in-house estimator can become a burden on your finances, add in the cost of expensive software, and the whole proportion blows out of shape. 

So, what’s the solution? If you are looking for economical and budget-friendly estimation and takeoff services, outsourcing your estimates and takeoffs to a professional company like Legacy Estimation is your best bet – and we are always at your service. 

Through our exceptional services, you get: 

  • Guaranteed Accuracy and Efficiency 
  • Faster turnaround times 
  • Services of certified estimators 
  • Cost-effective solutions 
  • 24/7 active support on email and live chat  

Range of our Site Work Estimating Outsourcing Services

  1. Site work quantity estimation services and Cost estimates – Swift, precise and efficient preliminary estimates, conceptual estimates, comparison estimates, bid and budget estimates. 
  2. Site work Feasibility – Cut & fill volumes, earthwork analysis, and feasibility cost estimates
  3. Land Development Consultation – Budgeting and controlling cost support in excavation estimation services 
  4. Bidding Assistance – Bid reviews, comparisons, and consultation 
  5. Design phase Estimating Assistance
  6. Legal Claims Assistance
  7. Change Order Management
  8. Value Engineering

Are you looking for superior and cost-effective site work estimating services? Get in touch with us today for premium estimation and takeoff services.